Thrift Store Mini Haul

      I've been inspired lately to decorate my home and purchase items second hand. I have always loved shopping at my local Value Village and other thrift stores because there are so many unique items to be found. The other day I went exploring for thrifted home goods and I was pleasantly surprised at how many awesome and cheap things I found for my house. I hope you enjoy this mini thrifted haul!

Wooden Bowls 
I needed a bowl or a basket as a catch all by our front door for sunglasses, keys and wallets. The largest bowl works perfect for this. I still need to find something to do with the two smaller bowls that it came with and I'm thinking of using them in some sort of DIY.

Wicker Baskets
My absolute favourite thing to search for in thrift shops are wicker baskets. I found this set and I
thought that they would look so adorable with some plants inside of them. I definitely need to go succulent shopping in the near future.

Tea Mug
Before I went shopping I had done a complete clear out of my tea cup shelf and made myself downsize. I love to collect cute tea mugs and I just could not pass this one up. It's a light pink with black speckles and I think it was only 99cents, so really how could I not?

Marble Candle Holder
I found this really heavy and good quality marble tea light holder. I actually have a very similar plant pot that I paid way too much for at Urban Outfitters and I thought that the two went perfectly together!

Do you enjoy shopping second hand? What are your favourite things to search for?

xo Sara


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