How To Refresh Your Life For The New Year

        Happy new year everyone! I'm someone who usually doesn't get too excited about the holidays, I find that this time of year can be really stressful, expensive and a tad bit overwhelming. But what I do really look forward to every year is the new year. I get really nostalgic looking back at the year I just had and ask myself what I'd like to see change in the coming year. The new year gives us a feeling of a fresh start which I think is really fun. Of course new year goals have a stigma around them and people tend to eye roll at the idea of setting new goals and intentions that they probably won't follow through with, and I completely agree. Instead of making the same old boring new years resolutions, why not take simple steps to feel more refreshed in our lives so that when the new year does roll around we feel ready to tackle whatever goals we may have set for ourselves? I wrote a list below of a few simple things we can do to refresh our lives so we can tackle the new year ahead of us. Enjoy!

1. Clean you space. Give your home a deep cleaning and get rid of things you no longer use
2. Rearrange your space. Maybe push your couch against a different wall or move your bedroom furniture around.
3. Refresh your wardrobe. Get rid of clothes you never wear and maybe invest in a couple missing pieces.
4. Delete old apps and contacts in your phone.
5. Unfollow accounts on social media that you're no longer interested in following.
6. Write down your top 5 priorities for the new year, whether it's family time, careers goals, or a new fitness routine. This will help you assess what is really important to you.
7. Book yourself a hair cut, or an appointment to see your doctor or dentist for a check up.
8. Buy some new plants for your home.
9. Burn some incense or sage to renew the energy in your home.
10. Assess your current job situation and write down a couple of career goals for the next year.
11. Write down the top 3 places you'd like to travel to this year and figure out if they are possible for you to achieve.
12. Finally finish that to do list, take your car in for an oil change or finish that book you started last month. Start the year without having to carry over any small tasks from the year before.
13. Start a new habit early. Everyone always waits until the new year to start their goals but why not get a head start!

Are feeling refreshed to start 2019?

xo Sara


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