15 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

"Happiness comes in waves, it'll find you again”
-malanda jean-claude

    We've all been there. Those days that seem to drag on for a lifetime and everything that happens seems to be happening against you rather than for you. Of course bad days happen to everyone and there is no control over them, however what we do have control over is how we react to them. We can choose to remain miserable or we can to do very simple things to make the day a little less bleary. I wrote out a list of 15 simple ways you can turn your bad day into one that's a little better. Always remember that even though you're having a bad day you're not having a bad life, the sun will rise again tomorrow and you'll be okay.

1. Write down the small things that happened to you today that were positive and made you feel good
2. Create a new playlist of soothing music that makes you feel good
3. Eat some good food, or order some takeout
4. Get comfy, put on your favourite sweatpants and grab a soft blanket
5. Call someone you love and tell them about your day
6. Read a good book and get lost in someone else's story for awhile
7. Cuddle with your pet and tell them why you love them, if you don't have a pet visit a friends!
8. Go for a walk, a run or sweat it out on your yoga mat. Moving your body will help release tension
9. Take a hot bath or pamper yourself by putting on a face mask
10. Make a list of reasons why your day was so bad and decide which reasons you have control over
11. Clean and organize your space so that your mind also feels clear
12. Do some online shopping, having a package delivered to you is something nice to look forward to
13. Go on Pinterest and create a "happy" board and pin images that make you happy
14. Heat up a hot water bottle or heating pad to soothe your muscles and comfort you
15. Go to bed early and sleep off your bad day. Try to create an atmosphere in your room that will allow you to have the best sleep possible.

      How do you turn a bad day into a good one? I hope if you are having a bad day that you use some of these tips to feel better, and remember nothing lasts forever.

xo Sara


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