30 Ways to Simplify your Life

       Have you ever felt stressed, anxious, and like you don't have control over what stresses you out in life?  I think we've all been there and my best advice in dealing with these sort of emotions is to simplify!  I came up with a list of very simple ways in which you can simplify, de-stress, and start to live and enjoy your happiest life.

1. Meditate or even just pause for a few moments and listen to your breathing
2. Turn off all electronics and find something quiet to do instead
3. Drive in silence or listen to relaxing music or even a podcast
4. Delete the apps on your phone you don't use anymore
5. Delete social media accounts that stress you out rather than bring you inspiration
6. Organize your closet, beauty products, cleaning products, etc. and get rid of what you don't need
7. Clean our your fridge and meal plan for the upcoming week
8. Make your bed in the moring
9. Go on a walk without music or your phone
10. Only buy things/products when you need them rather than storing bulk
11. Decrease your purse collection so that you aren't constantly switching purses
12. Pay your bills all on the same day if you can
13. Say no to the things you don't have the time or energy for
14. Instead of pressing snooze in the morning, wake up early and create a routine
15. Use the notes app in your phone to keep important lists and reminders
16. Unsubscribe to e-mails that you don't read
17. Delete songs on your phone that you're sick of hearing
18. Watch the sun set or rise
19. Braid your hair instead of using heat
20. Plant a garden or plant a few plants around your house and take time every day to tend to them
21. Bake something that reminds you of your childhood
22. Light a candle and meditate while you watch the flame
23. If you live with a room mate or significant other, try to share most of your bathroom products
24. If you feel stressed, put on your favourite music and dance it off
25. Instead of multi-tasking all day, slow down and focus on one task at a time
26. Use the calendar in your phone or a notebook for all your appointments/special dates
27. Pay your bills annually instead of month to month, less head ache and you'll save money
28. Get rid of cable/DVD's/Netflix and buy an Android box which literally has everything you need
29. Go to bed at a decent time and try to wake up at the same time every day
30. Don't take life so seriously and have some FUN!

xo Sara


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