A September Poem

Setting fire to the leaves,
Autumn creeps in,
unleashing her transformation;
a new season begins.From the crunch underfoot
to the nip in the air,
Autumn goes boldly
with her bright auburn hair.She dances with the trees
and shakes them to their core.
Autumn leaves them bare,
before opening the doort…

The Best Fall Movies

Happy September! With September comes chilly weather, hot coffees and of course cozy movie nights in! I made a list below of my favourite movies to watch this time of year that really put me in the fall spirit. Whether they are spooky, full of magic, or take place in a big city full of colourful le…

Spring Reading List

I have been really into reading this year, with everything going on in the world it's a lovely way to escape. I put together a list of books I will be slowly tackling this spring. I hope it gives you some reading ideas and inspires you to pick up a new book to read!
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Wal…

How To Go With The Flow, When You Don't Know How

Going with the flow sounds lovely on paper but I think it's something that everyone struggles with. Whether it's having control over the simple things in life or needing control over the outcome of the days events, the truth is we really don't have much control over anything. To me, goi…
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