Ways to Relieve Anxiety

With the longer days approaching and the colder weather setting in, mental health awareness is so so important. This is the time of year when I notice myself getting tired a lot quicker and I notice my mood can be much more sporadic. I came up with a really simple list of things you can do to combat anxiety. Of course if you have anxiety that is disrupting your life please seek professional help. These tips are simple things you can do in the moment of every day stress and worries. 

1. Find a safe place. This one is really important for me. When I'm anxious my safe place is always my bed. Its comfy, my dogs are usually in it and I'm surrounded by my favourite things. Find a safe place that you can retreat to when you're not feeling like yourself.

2. Make comfort food. People always say that you should eat healthy foods to have a healthy mind. While this is definitely true I also believe in eating foods that make you feel good and make you feel like you're at home. Weather it's a salad or mac and cheese, eat what makes you feel comforted!

3. Call a friend. Having that go to person to call when you're feeling anxious is key. They can quickly calm you down and make sense of the feelings that are taking over your mind and body.

4. Hug a pillow. I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and when I'm having my worst panic attacks, the only thing that helps me feel better is hugging a big pillow. It may sounds really weird but hugging actually releases dopamine in your brain and can help combat anxious thoughts. 

5. Massage your tense muscles. Anxiety causes the body to turn extremely rigid and by simply walking around, swinging your arms and massaging your neck can release a lot of this tension. An old therapist of mine suggested wiggling your fingers and shaking your hands out when you're anxious, and this is something I always do! It surprisingly helps a lot. 

6. Slowly count to 100. When my mind is racing and I can't seem to calm down I try to count to 100. Sometimes I only make it to 20 before my mind gets side tracked but then I just start again. A simple thing like counting to 10 can help with mindfulness and staying in the moment. 

7. Write it all down. When I'm really anxious I like to do a brain dump in my journal by writing down every single thought that goes through my head. Another easy way to do this is to write down every single emotion that you are feeling in that moment. Writing your worries down helps us to process what we are feeling so that we can finally let it go. 

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful for you! Remember you are never alone and to please seek help from professionals if you are struggling with your mental health.