A Reminder That We Are The Stars

      Sitting here on a cold rainy Sunday, on my couch with a soft blanket wrapped around my feet, candles lit, music playing and a journal in my lap. My mind wanders to think about the sky, the stars, the moon, and the universe. Why are they here? And why am I here with them? Maybe it's because we're all made of stardust or maybe it's because the stars are made of us. Our feelings of love, loneliness, joy and fear. Everything we've ever felt, or have yet to feel, we don't need to worry because the stars have already felt this way before. Knowing this should take some of the pressures of life off of your shoulders, and it does, but you can't help but feel so tiny when you look up into the sky to see the stars, the moon and the universe above you. But let's just remember that all of these things are you.

xo Sara


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