Happy Things I'll Always Remember About My Childhood

       For some reason lately I've been stuck on the idea of how much life changes. Maybe it's because I'm 25, soon to be 26, but it's so crazy to think about my life 10, 15, 20 years ago and realizing how much has changed. Both for the better and for the worse. I would say my childhood was perfect, I had great friends, my sisters, both of my parents, my cousins as well as an ignorance for the world that kept me naïve and tied to the wild imagination I had. I had no worries in the world. Even though I know that this part of my life is over I can't help but be excited to have kids one day so I can experience it all over again through their eyes. Anyways! I wrote down all the happy and vivid memories I have from early on in my childhood that I love to look back on and think "those were the good ol days". Sometimes though, you have to remind yourself that the days we are living right now are "the good ol days" and to enjoy every bit of life as it comes to us. I hope you enjoy!

1. Having the afternoons off in kindergarten and watching Oprah with my mom while we ate apples.

2. Being the only girl my age who lived on my block so I was always running around with the boys. I would come home filthy from wearing no shoes, playing in the dirt, and having matted hair.

3. When it was my turn in preschool to bring the midday snack, me and my mom carried two back packs full of bananas 3 blocks to school.

4. When my parents told me we were getting a puppy and I started crying and didn't eat for a day I was so excited.

5. Climbing to the roof of my garage with my neighbour to see who was brave enough to jump onto the trampoline. Neither of us jumped because both of our moms caught us and we were in big trouble.

6. Having sleepovers with my cousin every single weekend and then hiding her shoes and jacket Sunday night so she couldn't go home.

7. Growing up with the same group of girls since the age of 8, the amount of things we have been through together is pretty crazy.

8. Watching Goosebumps with my sister and cousin and right before the episode would end they would run upstairs and leave me alone in the basement to turn the tv off while I screamed.

9. Learning what the middle finger meant and secretly giving it to my sisters when they weren't looking.

10. Renting the lion king with my dad and he would buy me sour cream and onion pringles from Blockbuster. I will always remember him falling asleep 10 minutes in and never making it to the end of the movie.

11. Finding out we were moving and sitting on our lawn and throwing rocks at the for sale sign like the super dramatic 7 year old I was.

12. When my mom would put these really fancy frilly socks on me for Sunday school and I would tell her they gave me an ankle rash.

13. When my dad would take me and my sisters to his welding shop at work and he would weld our names on pieces of scrap metal. We would take them home, paint them, and hang them in our rooms.

14. Going to the movies with my auntie and all my cousins. We saw Air Bud once and I thought it was so sad that I cried through the entire movie and then told everyone I had the flu and that's why I was crying.

15. Wanting to break my arm because I thought it would be cool so I got my cousin to place the leg of a chair on my arm while she sat on it. Luckily I always pulled my arm out.

16. I have a very clear memory of my mom picking me up from my first day of kindergarten and she was crying telling me how proud she was of me.

17. Going to a new school with my sisters and at lunch we would meet up and talk about how big our new school was and how easy it was to get lost.

18. When my mom and my sister spent an entire weekend helping me write my grade 4 speech on grasshoppers.

19. Watching my mom put mascara on and so I ran to the bathroom, wet my finger under the tap, and brushed my eyelashes with my wet finger.

20. Having a super cool babysitter who was obsessed with cats and she would bring me and my sisters cat stickers every time she babysat us.

21. When me and my friends were really into having séances so at recess we would try to contact Jonbenet on the playground.

22. Going to BC with my family and stopping at the side of the road to swim in a river flowing out of a mountain.

      I think that looking back on our childhoods, whether they were happy or not, can teach us a lot about life and the people we are today. It's also just really funny to remember all the weird things you did as a child! What're some of your favourite memories from your childhood? How do deal with the ebbs and flows of growing up?

xo Sara


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