A Post All About Being Shy

     For all the people that know me personally it's no surprise when I say that I'm shy, introverted, and honestly just plain awkward. I've grown up my whole life being the shy girl, not wanting to open up around people, and being someone who would rather listen to people speak than say one word in a conversation. I also grew up being told over and over again by my parents, teachers, and the general public, that being shy is something I need to overcome or "get over". Because of this I've always been really self-conscious of how shy I am and I've always thought of it as my greatest flaw.

     Up until the last couple of years when I felt like my shyness was really holding me back in life I started to question it. Why am I shy? Why is being shy such a horrible thing? How can I work within my shyness to be more comfortable and confident with who I am? All of these questions really boiled down to one thing. It is okay to be shy. In fact, it is more than okay! It's who I am, it's who I grew up to be and it's who I will always be as a person. Instead of trying to run away from my shyness and thus making myself feel more shy and awkward, why not lean into being shy and make the most of it? So what if I meet someone for the first time and I only say a couple of words and then my awkward ass needs to exit the situation so I can be alone and internalize the only two words I spoke? Who cares if people find it weird or socially awkward? It's who I am and I don't think we should apologize for who we are.

    I think that shy, awkward and introverted people are seriously under rated in our society. I think people underestimate shy people as being weird, unintelligent and even rude but this is not the case at all. We are people who love and value time spent alone, we may not be very chatty but we have a lot going on in our minds, and it may take a bit of time to tear down our walls but I promise that when we do open up to you, you'll find us to be pretty interesting people. I wanted to write this post in the hopes that if anyone reads this who has been told time and time again that their shyness is wrong and needs fixing that they really need to rethink this logic. Here's to being shy, awkward as hell and loving every minute of it!

xo Sara


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