2018 And All The Great Things That Have Happened

      As this year is winding down I can't help but look back and remember all of the things that have happened in 2018. Some were good, bad, amazing and some were even a little sad but they all happened and they all brought me to exactly where I am today. And for that I am really thankful and also really excited to see what the new year will bring. How was your year? What are you looking forward to in the next year?

Here are some of the top moments for me this year:

1. I turned 25 which was a big milestone (and maybe a tad emotional lol)
2. I started a new job that I absolutely love
3. I went to Las Vegas with Eric and got a hell of a tan
4. I feel like I really developed my own personal yoga practice
5. I started yoga teacher training which has been a goal of mine forever
6. A best friend of mine had an adorable and healthy baby girl at the end of summer
7. I started reading poetry and I feel like it's really spiced up my life
8. Eric and I moved out of our tiny apartment and into a house we love
9. A best friend got married this summer and we partied real good
10. I invested a lot my time and effort onto this little blog of mine that I'm super proud of!

Happy almost 2019 and happy Wednesday!

xo Sara


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